Agenda OnDAM Paris Wednesday 30
#OnDAM Activo - PARIS2021- baseline bleu souligné 2022


Day 2

Wednesday 30th November 9h30 am - 7pm


Welcome 8h45 am


9h15 am - Welcome and introduction

Malika Kechich & Frédéric Sanuy ©Activo

9h30 am - How the DAM can drive the customer journey between CRM and CMS ?

Mounir Nejjai Founder and CEO Cezium - Nadjiba BRAZA Delivery Manage

Pierre Berger Account Executive | Adobe Experience Cloud

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy ©Activo - Rooftop


09h30 am - DAM implementration - Clients Success Stories

Isabelle Roy DAM Expert at .Becoming - Cédric Thorel Project Manager ENGIE

Geoffrey Sanfourche Leader Contenu chez Cultura

Moderator : Malika Kechich ©Activo 2nd Floor


10.30 am - How to empower your customer strategy localy and customize your business

Pierre Artru Chief Premedia Officer Altavia - Erik De Volder  Managing Director at Systems Service & Consult

Fabian Prudhomme - Vice President Strategic Partnerships Chili publish

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy ©Activo - Rooftop


10.45 am - Sustainable DAM and Carbon Footprint

Pierre André CAPURRO Président ORKIS

Jean-Francois Lecas Vice President, Global Services & Operations at Scaleflex

Nicolas Boutet, CEO Wedia

Moderator: Malika Kechich - Activo® - 2nd Floor


11.15 am - Coffee Break Hyland Nuxeo, networking & vendors' showtime 


11.45 am - Content management and its validation process for e-commerce.

Pierre Humblot-Ferrero CEO Grand Shooting - Julien Perronnet Galeries Lafayette

Thomas Larzilliere CEO Keepeek

Moderator: Malika Kechich - Activo® Rooftop


11h45 am - How Nuxe gained in agility with the localization of its campaigns?

David Dalsace, Directeur International des Contenus

Jean Naveau CEO.Brandeploy 2nd Floor


12h30 pm - How to raise your DAM at the enterprise level from the customer perspective

Pierre-Vincent Fauvelle, Product Sales Specialist AEM Adobe

Marc Wolf CEO Stratow

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy ©Activo - Rooftop


1.00 pm - Cocktail, networking & vendors' showtime


2h15 pm - TechLab Perfect Memory 

2nd Floor


2h45 pm - TechLab Bynder

2nd Floor


2h30 pm - Digital Supply Chain: Putting DAM at the center of product design,

promotion and protection

Matt Astarita - Product Manager Hyland - Nuxeo

Sebastien Guillaume - Directeur Technique Oceane Consulting

Modérateur Marc Wolf CEO Stratow - Rooftop



3.15 pm - DAM Playbook and DAM Maturity Model 

Mark Davey CEO IQ Equity - Isabelle Roy Becoming

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy - Activo® Rooftop


3h30 pm - TechLab Scaleflex

2nd Floor


3.45 pm - Coffee Break Wedia, Networking & Vendors' showtime


4.00 pm - A DAM at the service of heritage - Analysis and Implementation

Vanessa Verniere experte gestion documentaire - Celine Millinder  DAM Heritage Expert

Jean-Baptiste Adet Vice President Solutions Consulting - Digital Experience Management OpenText

Moderator: Malika Kechich - Activo®  Rooftop


4.45 pm - AI and the DAM user experience: What works?

Visual Tech Expert - Yair Adato CEO Bria - Olivier Grenet CTO Wedia

François Blayo CEO IPSEITE

Moderator: Paul Melcher Co-Founder & Owner Rooftop


5h30 pm - Diversity as a vector of innovation and attractiveness in HR policies

Noëlle Prat Europe Program Development Rise

Moderator: Malika Kechich - Activo® Rooftop


5h45 pm - Diversity in the digital and tech world

Elisabeth Moreno - Dirigeante d'entreprise et ancienne Ministre déléguée à l'Egalité femmes-hommes,

à la Diversité et à l'Égalité des chances.

Moderator : Malika Kechich - Activo® - Noëlle Prat Europe Program Development Rise Rooftop


6.30 pm - Conclusion & Cocktail






#OnDAM Activo - PARIS2021- baseline bleu souligné 2022