Data Publishing

This year, Activo is opening a service dedicated to data publishing in order to respond to requests for automation of catalogs and packaging artwork from their PIM data source.

Connect InDesign to your PIM with EasyCatalog:

Integrating perfectly with InDesign, EasyCatalog offers you the most intuitive interface possible, with a constant view of the status of the data in real time.

EasyCatalog creates a connection between your database and InDesign to automate layout and secure its content.

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Perfect for creating catalogs, EasyCatalog is also used to design brochures, flyers, price lists, directories, and many other supports. It makes it easier to update information and can be used for any type of document requiring the insertion of textual data or images.

EasyCatalog considerably reduces layout time while guaranteeing the absence of errors in your documents, particularly for publications requiring great responsiveness. EasyCatalog has established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible catalog automation solutions for Adobe InDesign.



Always up to dateWith EasyCatalog, last minute changes are no longer a problem. This system automatically updates your documents based on the latest available data.

Boost your productivity

EasyCatalog is not limited to creating catalogs. This powerful tool also allows you to easily generate brochures, packaging, price lists and directories, thus optimizing your content production processes.

Minimization of errors

EasyCatalog performs meticulous integrity checking of your documents to ensure that published content is fully aligned with the source data.

Easy to use

EasyCatalog offers exceptional power that can be fully exploited without requiring any programming or scripting skills. A scripting module is also available for developers who want to further customize their functionality.

Uses your data

EasyCatalog adapts to your existing systems. It can integrate your information directly from a simple file or, by adding an additional module, connect to a PIM, an ODBC database or an XML file for further management of your data.

Adapts to your business

EasyCatalog is designed to grow with your needs. Thanks to its modular system, you have the freedom to acquire only the features you need when needed.

What you need to keep in mind :

• Data managment

• Template and libraries

• Automatic assembly

• Automated updating and proofreading

• Image management

• Paintings

• Automated summaries, indexes and tables of contents.

• Management of headrests and tabs


Automatisation au niveau entreprise :

In order to meet the demands of major accounts in implementing business solutions to manage their catalogs and distribution connected to their ecosystem, we are integrating the Priint:suite solution.

The components of priint:suite support the publishing processes of industrial companies, intermediaries, trading companies and mail order companies.

Priint:suite automate very different types of publications: technical sheets, leaflets, technical catalogs, sales documents, product brochures, designed catalogs, etc. All stages of publishing can be automated: from creating pages to updating them, including adaptation to other languages and countries, the correction process, data processing and sending.




• Templates are created in InDesign®.

• Simple and intuitive use

• Support for all types of print publications

• System-assisted management of changes and content updates

• Server supported rendering with and without the InDesign server

The priint:suite core catalog system includes the priint:planner and priint:comet ID plugins. Optionally, the priint:whiteboard and priint:rendering server components can be integrated. When implemented as a catalog system, priint:suite supports, among others, the following functions



• flexible publication management in a flat planner

• creation of variants and versions, e.g. for automatic adaptation to different national and language versions

• creation of sample publications

• transfer of pages between publications

• graphical and publication list compilation with live connection to various content systems via priint:publishing hub

• management of layout modules (snippets) for later reuse in other publications

• automatic pagination and page generation


• Workgroup functions, with digital correction module and central task management

• configurable workflow system

• Configurable business rules, e.g. for process reviews, planning validation and pre-flight checks

• Production control and monitoring of current catalog production

• integration of external agencies and media service providers

• generating pages and updating DTP documents using a server

• server-based PDF generation and download functions

• provision of information about the products that were placed on this or that page for catalog control and retrospective calculation

• storage of budget information for planning

• business rules for validating planning information



priint:suite provides efficient functions for the front-end and back-end of enterprise web-to-print solutions.

It started with the quick and easy collection, ordering and production of business cards via the web. In the meantime, powerful web-to-print solutions that cover the different facets of corporate publishing and product communication have been implemented as in-house solutions. These solutions are often leveraged within marketing portals or as standalone solutions.


• Editing InDesign documents on the web

• Creation of dynamic documents based on templates

• Easy integration of data sources

• Vertical and horizontal scaling of the render server

• Content caching for on-demand publications

• Open architecture for easy integration of the render server into other systems

• PDF rendering technology without the Adobe® InDesign server

You have projects, we have the solutions and unrivaled expertise with our experts Michel Robera and Frédéric Sanuy, each bringing together more than 20 years of experience in agencies and catalog automation projects.

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