Challenges and strategy

Packaging is one of most challenging market driven by complexe files and advanced business processes. A lot of brands in the packaging industry are trying to optimize time-to-market that directly affects revenue. Companies need a solution to manage all activities — in-house or externally — to coordinate everything from design to final print, including regulatory compliance, localization and versioning to ensure efficiency.


Successful path for Packaging :

  • Organize, edit and share all the content of your brand assets
  • Manage your marketing campaign as a whole (including packaging)
  • Personalize your packaging on-line

  • Smart Packaging for a new user engagement

  • Management of 3D and Augmented Reality

  • Measure your ROI and performance with advanced KPIs

Engaging new consumers is key for the Brand Owners, who are putting a lot of effort into design and technology through all available communication channels.

Rapid innovations and changes have become constants for brands and their packaging during the past few years— and there seems to be no end to this trend.

Business process mapping

Workflow, DAM, PIM, KPI

We have a strong background to set workflow in packaging at the top business requirement by brands in order to approve the content between all the stakeholders. In the packaging industry you have also to manage more and more assets to support the variants and revisions and a connexion to a DAM system as the foundation. The DAM system will need a strong engine regarding the complexity of the files (Large PDF, Color Space, Layers). To support all the legacy and regulations more and more brands are using a PIM system to streamline the right content t the right time.

Key packaging points :

  • Workflow to manage advanced approval cycles
  • DAM and PIM to manage assets and translations
  • KPI - BI to measure the performance

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