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Process and deliver your media files

The video is a key and a challenge to manage for most brands, retailers and agencies and most of DAM systems are struggling to process large video files. In the communication channel video provides :

  • Bullets are great
  • Simplify the message
  • Better memorization
  • Convey emotion
  • Interactivity / humanization
  • International reach

    How often does your business publish video content ?  (Source : State of Social Report 2019 - Buffer)

    We have the experience to advise you how to select the right tools set for video workflow thanks to our partnership with the French company Videomenthe. Eolementhe is a collaborative media tool box - everything you need to easily connect, process and deliver video content.
video eolementhe

A seamless video workflow with DAM systems :

New media orchestration challenges DAM systems to manage video production workflow. DAM and video support bottlenecks : 

  • Slow processes for large high definition video
  • 90% of DAM solutions can only provide a preview of the video
  • No capabilities to manage custom worklfow
  • Weak support for video metadata
  • Video editing