10 Core DAM Characteristics

10 Core DAM Characteristics accreditation is an industry standard, developed in 2014 by IQ Equity alongside a group of DAM professionals and thought leaders. It assesses the core functionality necessary to carry out Digital Asset ManagementTo date 37 companies have been accredited, including industry leaders and smaller, less well known companies.


10 key areas, covering 22 dimensions

10 Core DAM Characteristics accreditation was conceived to evaluate DAM systems on Core functionality. It is an evaluation process which looks at 10 key areas, covering 22 dimensions in total. Any software which passes the 10 Core can be deemed a fit for purpose DAM system.

The 10 Core also measures proficiency in the 22 dimensions so two fit for purpose vendors will be more or less proficient at carrying out certain functions. IQ Equity only works with 10 Core Accredited vendors and uses the 10 Core scores as a base metric in the Codified DAM Consultant and our work as consultants, analysts and strategists.

A Digital Asset Management system must be able to do the following :

  • INGEST - Metadata and assets including images, documents and audiovisual files.
  • SECURE - Assets and metadata to ensure that they’re not misused or published prematurely.
  • STORE - assets and metadata of different types.
  • TRANSFORM - Assets from one format to another.
  • ENRICH / ANALYSE - Via the use of audited data.
  • RELATE - Versions, derivative and similar assets.
  • PROCESS - In the management, creation, and review of assets with workflow tools.
  • FIND - Through metadata, collections, workflows, and access control tools.
  • PREVIEW - Different file types on the DAM without downloading them.
  • PRODUCE / PUBLISH - Internally and externally utilising integrations and/or proprietary tools to partner websites / companies.