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What areas of your DAM program could benefit from a designer’s approach?

Design Thinking Method

Design thinking is a design process that works to help organizations design their services from the perspective of user needs.


Design thinking is both a method, an innovation process and [above all] a state of mind, based on a dynamic of co-creation, collective intelligence, which places the human, its uses and needs at the center of reflection.

Design thinking aims to identify the ideal solution by reconciling the three aspects of a [digital] project.

Desirability [what users desire]
Feasibility [which is technically feasible, feasible]
Viability [what we have to do]

design thinking

How is Design Thinking practiced?

Design Thinking is practiced in the form of workshops [face-to-face or Distance learning].

Co-creation workshops allow the team to align with a common vision of a project and to discover an original and effective method, which places participants at the heart of the action.

Gathered around a facilitator, your teams will follow a 5-step journey with the aim of transforming ideas into a real expression of need.


Depending on the complexity of the challenge [project], these workshops can last from a few hours to a few days.

The benefits of Design Thinking for your project



Introducing Design Thinking into your organization is a great way to initiate a change management process, engage and accelerate the learning curve for teams, and launch innovative projects.

More than a work methodology, Design Thinking is a state of mind that makes it possible to rely on collective intelligence.

Design Thinking makes it possible to bring out latent or unidentified needs, to take into account new uses in order to find solutions in line with the real needs of users.



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