Strategic Partners

Partnering with other industry and technology leaders is at the heart of our dna to ensure we are involved in creating the best experience for our customers. Innovative and technology partnerships are the foundation to the Activo strategy driven by innovation, expertise, and a commitment to achieving digital transformation.


CEPIC aims to be the centre of the image industry.

As such, CEPIC federates nearly 400 photo agencies and photo libraries in 20 European countries inside and outside the European Union. It has affiliates in North America and Asia. CEPIC's members include large and small photo libraries, major photo news agencies, art galleries and museums, and video companies. CEPIC's members include major global players such as Getty, Shutterstock or Reuters. Through these members, CEPIC represents more than 250,000 directly licensed authors. The annual CEPIC Congress extends CEPIC's network to all five continents. It is the largest global gathering of the international photo community, which represents 90% of the world market.

Current issues: EU copyright harmonisation and reform in the digital single market, online competition, image search engines and closing the "framing loophole", collective rights management reform, metadata enforcement, standardisation of identifiers for photographic works.



IMATAG brings its patented invisible watermarking technology to companies that rely on their visual content.

From news agencies to major high-tech brands, companies using Imatag's invisible watermarking benefit from the traceability of their images and videos throughout their lifecycle, from in-house production to third-party distribution and the Internet, allowing them to discover at any time whether the use of their assets is legal, a sign of success or, on the contrary, worrisome for their business.

Available as two SAAS products (Imatag Monitor and Imatag Leaks) and integratable via an API, the Imatag service works at the scale of large organisations and fits seamlessly into their existing systems and processes.



The CI HUB asset panel plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications essentially connects your brand assets living within your various asset repositories to your native creative apps.
Maintaining a connection to your asset libraries ensures consistent use of brand assets by all users, streamlines the creative process so that you can produce more content with greater efficiency and accuracy.

CI HUB portfolio of integrations to the best in class data domains covers both On-Premise and Cloud-Hosted solutions with data models for, DAM, MAM, PIM, MDM, CMS, in addition to point marketing data solutions we work with Stock providers and cloud storage services. Together with the system vendors, we are building the best possible connection, and we always motivated by our customers to deliver seamless access to data domains in your marketing ecosystems like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Premiere Pro. And also in Microsoft Power Point, Word and Excel as well as in Google Workspace (Docs, Slides and Sheets).



Print is a palpable connection to the digital world. It enhances encounters, provides a solid foundation to intangible concepts and emotionally reinforces your relationship to products, services and experiences. Print makes the abstract real. But, in a constantly evolving and rapidly changing digital environment, the effective use of print as a seamless and easily adaptable extension of your digital presence is vital to the success of your outreach and to the quality of the omnichannel experience you provide to your customers.

The priint:suite and our family of solutions revolutionizes and automates the printing process, effortlessly connecting your digital world to your print world and giving you and your team the time and budget to do what you do best…create! Their plugin’s for Adobe inDesign and Illustrator eliminates mundane tasks, enables easy remote collaboration, cuts corrective cycles, drastically speeds production and personalization and virtually guarantees a cohesive message across all outreach platforms.



FADEL®, an innovator in rights and royalty management software, works with leading names in retail, publishing, gaming, life sciences, consumer packaged goods and high technology. By automating the management of talent and content rights in video, photos, advertising, music, products and brands, and streamlining the processing of licensing fees, FADEL's cloud-based solutions have enabled companies to dramatically maximize revenue and increase process efficiency.