Online Editing

Which Strategy ?

Today a lot of brands want to be able to personalize their content to bring more customer engagement. In this strategy you have mainly 2 solutions :

  • One Indesign Server based which is our recommandation in order to be more tied to creative operations working themselves with Indesign.
  • The second is based on technology using IDML Adobe files or some custom development mainly based on XML and PDF.

Adobe Indesign

Adobe InDesign is the tool of choice for creating high-quality print-ready documents. These days, nearly every magazine or high-end printed piece was created with InDesign. It requires an aptitude for design and a fluency with the nuanced vocabularies of typography and layout. And even if you have those skills, InDesign comes with a steep learning curve. You can do anything you dream up creatively, but first you must learn how.


Upload, Edit, Publish

The workflow can be very simple. For example, a Designer will have to upload any InDesign document into an editable experience while the editing interface is created automatically, on the fly. All text becomes editable, every image becomes swappable, and authors can immediately begin editing the content.

  • Contextual UI based on selected object type
  • Refactor in the current Angular framework to support easy integration and responsive performance
  • Toggle any object's visibility & edit-ability
  • Copy, paste or edit objects in groups or individually
  • Drop shadows and transparency effects
  • Image scaling, font preview, unlimited undo
  • Template management

If you have any Online Editing project based on Adobe InDesign, we can help you. We’ve been building solutions based on InDesign Server since by customers since the last 10 years, and thanks to our partnership with Silicon Publishing we can engage your project.

In the DAM space some vendors already integrated online native Indesign editing like, Bynder, Nuxeo or Wedia.

Web based template :

The other solution as soon you just want to personalize your content at the top of brand portal mainly in Magento, solution like Chili Publish can provide integration and automation driven by metadata to streamline all your content to the touch points.

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