Agenda OnDAM Paris Tuesday 29
#OnDAM Activo - PARIS2021- baseline bleu souligné 2022


Day 1



Tuesday 29th November 9h30 am - 7h pm

Welcome 8h45 am


9h30 am - Welcome and introduction

Malika Kechich & Frédéric Sanuy ©Activo

10h00 am - From multimedia content management to UGC, DAM is the answer to help marketing and e-commerce teams

Olivier Grenet CTO Wedia - Kevin Bechu DAM Product Manager Michelin

Catherine de Saint-Oyant - On Boarding export Activo

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy ©Activo Rooftop


10h30 - Meetings, Network and share with vendors

2nd Floor


10h45 am - DAM and PIM at the heart of the brand value chain ?

Maxime Lukaszewicz, Partner Manager Inriver - Stéphanie Aliwell, Account Executive Bynder

Emeline Delpeyrou-Nadal Head of Communication by Groupe Pichet

Andreas Michalski CEO CI HUB 

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy ©Activo Rooftop


10h45 am - Techlab Wedia - Localization and personalization of content

Stéphane Rougon Director of Operations France Wedia

2nd Floor


11h15 am - Techlab Hyland Nuxeo

2nd Floor 


11h30 am - Coffee Break, networking & Vendors' showtime 


12h00 pm - Copyright, images and traceability: what you need to know

Joseph Francis Khoury EMEA Sales Director at FADEL / Mathieu Desoubeaux - CEO Imatag 

Hélène Chabran from Kinetiq

Moderator Lionel Faucher @Activo Rooftop


12h00 pm - Techlab CI-HUB 

2nd Floor

12h30 pm - CHILI Publish

Fabian Prudhomme - Vice President Strategic Partnerships Chili publish

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy ©Activo Rooftop


1h00 pm - Cocktail, networking & Vendors' showtime


1h45 - Book signing "Artificial Intelligence does not exist"

Dr. Luc JULIA - Chief Scientific Officer Renault Group - Rooftop


2.30 pm - Luc Julia - Artificial intelligence does not exist

Dr. Luc JULIA - Chief Scientific Officer Renault Group

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy - CEO Activo® Rooftop


2h30 pm - The importance of Digital Asset Management in Product Lifecycle

End to end packaging process connected with DAM

Ganiou Boukari, BTS R&D and Quality Assurance Director - JTI

Pierre Phalippou  - Manager Solutions Consulting Digital Experience - Opentext

Moderator: Malika Kechich - Activo®  - 2nd Floor



3.15 pm - Unleash your DAM with a Headless Strategy

Emil Novakov Co-Founder & CEO Scaleflex - Bertrand Tronsson Technical Director AKQA

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy - Activo® Rooftop


3h15 pm - AI - Management of the photo workflow by picture agencies

State of affairs and perspectives

CEPIC will present the "AI Ethical Guidelines for Responsible Re-Use and Production of VISUAL CONTENT""

Sylvie Fodor - CEPIC Executive Director  / Mete Zinioghlu, SIPA

Ana Roseira - Shutterstock Key Accounts Client Success Manager.

Moderator : Valérie Théveniaud-Violette, CEPIC, modératrice 2nd Floor


4h00 pm - Coffee Break Scaleflex 

& Vendors' showtime


4h15 pm - Techlab FADEL - Brand Vision

2nd Floor


4h45 pm - Techlab Picturemaxx 

2nd Floor


5h00 pm - DAM solutions to enhance and market the audiovisual funds of companies and TV channels

Martine Carouge Directeur Documentation M6 - Melanie Ben Expert audiovisuel et digitalisation chez Michelin

Guillaume Rachez Chef Produit Perfect Memory

Moderator: Malika Kechich - Activo® Rooftop


5h00 pm - Meetings, exchanges with vendors 


5h45 pm - Data, metadata, and para-metadata 

Mark Davey CEO IQ Equity - Ralph Windsor DAM Expert DAM News 

Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy - Activo® Rooftop


6.30 pm - Cocktail rooftop & networking







#OnDAM Activo - PARIS2021- baseline bleu souligné 2022