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OnDAM Paris 2021 - Speakers




Piet Saegeman


Piet Saegeman is the strategic messaging consultant behind YAMAZONI. He has been active in brand technology for about 10 years, after years of sales and marketing experience at companies such as Apple and Showpad.

Today, Piet helps organizations boost their business activities with strategic messaging. He uses cognitive science to optimize purchasing journeys.

Piet enjoys sharing his experience and insights into the growing role of the buyer experience in global branding endeavors.

VALUMEN is a firm dedicated exclusively to Interim Management to support its clients in their transformation project.

VALUMEN is the convergence of the skills of our interim managers at the service of our customers (Industry, Services, Public - Parapublic ...). From its creation, Nicolas Doucerain, the founder and manager, wanted to surround himself with an energetic, competent, agile team of forty-year-olds who, above all, shared the same values: people! Our backgrounds, our experiences, our DNA converge to offer our customers listening, advice and "tailor-made" support.


Nicolas Doucerin


Nicole Degbo

Nicole Degbo


La Cabrik is a strategic and human governance fabric that supports transformations to link the economy to people.

☑︎ reinventing growth models, people at the center
☑︎ awaken the human genius to free the genius from work

☑︎ Partner Club Les Echos Responsible Commitment
☑︎ philanthropy dedicated to work
☑︎ Partner Club Les Echos Responsible Commitment

Sylvie currently holds the position of executive director of an international organisation in the visual media field: CEPIC. She facilitated the growth of CEPIC, from a “working group” of volunteers to a European network extending to 20 countries and a respected Industry Event and Advocacy Group of the picture industry.

Since 2009, she hold responsibility for EU Affairs. Her focus is on the visual media industry and the digital economy: She has been closely following all issues around the reform of the EU copyright framework, collective management of rights v. direct licensing, image rights including privacy issues, platform liability for uploaded content, competition issues around search. She initiated the anti-trust complaint against Google Images at the European Commission in 2013. Involvements included I-COMP – initiative for a competitive Internet – as Chair of the Intellectual Property working group. Other present current involvements include FairSearch and Creativity 

Sylvie Fodor

Sylvie Fodor

Executive Director CEPIC


Pierre Artru

Chief Premedia Officer Altavia


Chief Premedia Officer: Develop the Premedia offer of the Altavia group (Assets Marketings, images, photos, Datas, layout and multichannel publication)

International coordination of the offer in more than 20 subsidiaries with more than 400 employees around the world (Europe, North America, Asia). Establishment of strategic partnership.
Participation in Business Development, mergers and acquisitions projects and tool projects (DAM, PIM ...)

Entrepreneur & Advisor: I have been working and consulting for more than 25 years on both innovative business units and new ventures not only in the media world (print, broadcast and web), but also in more traditional industries, bringing together technological change, new business opportunities and financing.

Curator & Producer : I am the organiser of TEDxClermont and TEDx ambassador. I have been curating many panels and preparing many speakers for TEDx events, as well as major national and global professional conferences. I also produced for many years the video coverage of major events like Cannes Film Festival, as well as daily entertainment news programs in several languages.


Lionel Faucher

Digital Strategy Advisor


Marc Wolff

CEO Stratow


STRATOW operates a SAAS for better extended collaborations. Our concept #Extranet-as-a-Service is deployed in a month and provides instant ROI & a very stable TCO.

Better informed your counterparts call less and trust you more.
Let's have a 5min call. We recruit advisors, resellers and ISVs
Fan of #facturX #factur-x

He cofounded several IT companies among them AEROW, WAPSI, YOURBO, Portify…

Mark Davey is the CEO of IQ Equity providing a consultancy offering full-service data-centric digital content strategies for organisations struggling with complex workflows and omnichannel deliverables. Digital Transformation strategies utilising best practices and experience driven enablement.

We specialise in people, process, technology, and analysis.


Mark Davey



Marie-Laure Fourt


Consultant - Expert in the organisation, management and promotion of heritage and audiovisual collections.

After 15 years of experience at Louis Vuitton, where she was in charge of the Archives and Audiovisual Heritage departments, Marie-Laure has been working for the past 5 years as a consultant specialising in the organisation and management of plurimedia collections for various companies, mainly in the luxury sector.

Passionate about the history and development of brand heritage, she assists companies at each stage of their project to define and analyse their objectives. She advises and supports them in the organisation of their archives as well as in the implementation of DAM solutions adapted to their needs, their businesses and their users. Her objective: to enable companies to preserve, centralise and enhance their content in complete security.

At the same time, Marie-Laure regularly gives presentations to the INA-Expert centre in the context of continuing education and leads workshops to discover DAM platforms for members of the Audiovisual sector of the ADBS, the association of information and documentation professionals.

A graduate of HEC Paris in 2002, Julien Landfried began his career as Marketing Director at the Centre de formation et de perfectionnement des journalistes (CFPJ). He continued at Ineum Consulting (2004-2006), then at the weekly newspaper Marianne, where he managed the Internet activities. From 2009 to 2012, he was Executive Director of Paris Tech Review, an online magazine that is part of the Paris Tech group of grandes écoles.

In 2013, he joined the Influence division of Publicis Consultants as a Partner, where he advises numerous companies on their communications, particularly in the real estate sector.

Julien Landfried joined Gecina in December 2017 as Director of Cabinet and Public Affairs reporting to the Managing Director Méka Brunel before moving to the position of Executive Director of Communication and Public Affairs in April 2018. In March 2021, he was appointed Executive Director Communication, Public Affairs and Brand.

Julien Landfried

Julien Landfried

Executive Director Communication, Public Affairs and Brand Gecina



Mathieu Desoubeaux



Mathieu Desoubeaux, CEO of IMATAG, the leading provider of digital watermarking to protect your business from unwanted use of your images and videos.

Mathieu is convinced that the value of images is underestimated and must be defended, whether for their rights (licenses and intellectual property) or the associated economic stakes (product leaks before launch, damage to a brand's reputation).

He co-founded Imatag to secure and monitor the images of companies concerned with controlling how their content is used, by whom and where on the internet.

"Images are the front line of your business, protect them."

Nicolas Boutet is the CEO and founder of Wedia, publisher of a DAM marketing cloud solution that helps the biggest international brands to create the most engaging and personalized customer experiences possible.

Nicolas contributed to the growth of Wedia by making several key acquisitions. He also floated the company on the stock market and opened several offices around the world (Paris, Frankfurt, New York ...).
Before becoming a successful entrepreneur and the father of three children, Nicolas studied engineering and business at Supélec (France) and HEC Paris.Nicolas BoutetCEO WEDIA

Nicolas Boutet

Nicolas Boutet




Isabelle Roy

Directrice Conseil en Digital Asset Management .becoming


Isabelle Roy is Consulting Director in Digital Asset Management within the .becoming group, a new generation group that brings together entrepreneurship, tech / innovation and communication.

She has worked for more than 25 years with companies in different sectors (industry, energy, telecommunications, etc.).

She has managed and implemented DAM projects more specifically oriented towards the management and distribution of audiovisual and branded content (photo library, video library, media library, Brand Center, etc.), advertising material or product catalogs. It has also set up editorial projects to promote the recent or historical heritage of brands internally or externally.

Isabelle Roy participates in the animation of the Audiovisual sector of ADBS, an association of information and documentation professionals. Passionate about cinema, Isabelle has participated in the organization of several film events.

A specialist in digital issues at Bynder, Stephanie has successfully supported companies in their digital transformation for many years.

Thanks to her international profile, she will be able to quickly identify the challenges faced by marketing teams and direct them effectively towards a DAM tool capable of achieving their strategic objectives.

Stéphanie Aliwell

Stéphanie Aliwell

Executive Account Bynder

Andreas Michalski


Andreas Michalski


Hello, my name is Andreas.

I am one of the founders of CI HUB, the asset aggregator for every relevant DAM / MAM / PIM or cloud storage solution.

With the CI HUB connector, you get easy, fast, and robust access to all your marketing assets in Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and Google Workspace.

It enables agencies and businesses to recover their resources securely, quickly and in compliance, wherever the user needs them.

We are therefore very proud to sponsor and attend OnDAM 2021 in beautiful Paris on November 29/30.

It is amazing to see what Frédéric and his Activo team have put in place. We believe this is the start of the most relevant and comprehensive series of events that will be the go-to place for DAM vendors and users in France.

All of our essential integration partners are already there: Bynder, Keepeek, Sitecore, Fadel, and Celum, to name just the most important.

We are already seeing that Frederic has managed to secure fascinating speakers and partners to create exciting sessions. Without forgetting the feast of the first night.

All of this forms an unmissable package.

Thank you, Fred, for organizing this event for the community, and happy to see you all there.


Adrien Besse, Account Executive at Adobe, is responsible for the business development of Adobe Experience Manager, the content management platform of which AEM Assets, Adobe DAM is a part.

Since joining Adobe in 2018, Adrien has had the opportunity to collaborate with many customers and partners around issues related to customer experience and content management, the DNA and trademark of Adobe. since its creation.

Adrien BESSE

Adrien Besse

Account Executive Adobe

Tarek Fadel


Tarek Fadel



As CEO, Tarek Fadel is responsible for the overall management and performance of FADEL, driving its long term strategic plan as well as overseeing the day-to-day management of the corporation. Prior to founding FADEL in 2003, Tarek was a Director at Oracle Corporation with over 23 years of experience building, selling and implementing enterprise software applications. He managed a consulting practice for Oracle responsible for the success of several large ERP and E-Commerce client implementations, and held the position of Director of Product Management releasing several Oracle CRM products. 

Tarek also worked at Cambridge Technology Group and played a major role in deploying its enterprise application server products to the market. Tarek holds a technology patent for his work on Method and Apparatus for e-Commerce Integration Architecture and Process. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from the City University of New York and an MBA from Columbia University.

Laurent Bouteiller is Regional Sales Manager for France for the publisher Sitecore. He has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, particularly in the field of content management and customer experience platforms.

Optimising the lifecycle management of digital content through a DAM and a modern content hub is an obvious way for Laurent to help companies of all sizes improve omnichannel engagement. 

Before joining Sitecore in 2012, he held various sales management positions at Interwoven from 2000 to 2009, and then at Omniture.


Laurent Bouteiller

Regional Sales Manager Sitecore




#OnDAM Activo - PARIS2021