Publishing Strategy

Any type of publication

Customers produce a wide range of publication types, from 100% automated data sheets and catalogs, sales manuals, price lists, product flyers and leaflets to creative mail order catalogues. It is important to support publishing processes of publications for manufacturers, whole sales, retail and mail order companies.

We are helping retailers, agencies in many different ways :

  • SOLUTION FOR CREATIVE  : it has to combine automation and creativity. ThAdobe® InDesign® reduces media operators' routine tasks, opening the way for creativity through automation.
  • SCALABLE AND OPEN ARCHITECTURE : It consists of components for data integration, web based applications for publications management and for the creation of digital and print media.
Print-strategy Priint

What we can do :

We have strong Partnership to propose the right print technology suite :

  • Templates are created in InDesign
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Support for all types of print publications
  • System-supported management of changes and content updates
  • Server-supported rendering with and without InDesign server

We also have a strong background so manage print production PDF with flatplan and  softproof support . Some technology in the market can enhance this experience often based on file production server (agencies). 

You have a project we have the solutions and the experience.

Along side the Indesign print management we also have solutions to connect your DAM systems with your favortie Adobe Desktop applications ( Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere) but also cloud based like Drive, Dropbox.


The Adobe plugins is the answer to connect your DAM system with your creative team.

We can highlight some basic requirements:

  • Easy navigation with list and preview
  • Easy search based on custom and standard (IPTC/XMP) Metadata
  • Check out Check In
  • Revisions management
  • Assets links and Relink
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere support
  • Indesign Snippet support
  • Multiple connectors like Adobe Stock, DropBox, Drive

Adobe plugins DAM