Replay 📸 OnDAM Paris 2023 🇫🇷 - The DAM conference at the enterprise level

Here is the 3rd edition of #OnDAM Paris 2023 🇫🇷 which took place on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 November at the Pavillon Elysée Té has closed its doors.

It was two exceptional days 🤩 serving the customer experience with conferences, workshops and customer feedback. We talked about metadata, AI, Gen AI, Workflow, PIM, CMS, Rights, Brand Management, Sustainable DAM...

This year was marked by the venue of the Pavillon Elysée Té offering more room for exchanges and networking all in a majestic setting allowing the event to grow in professionalism.


Watch our teaser video and the whole atmosphere of #OnDAM Paris 2023 🇫🇷 in 3 minutes ✅

OnDAM Paris 02 v2

Each visitor was able to leave with the essentials of the DAM at the #OnDAM Paris 2023 🇫🇷 bag, between the program, the DAM Activo infographics, the latest Archimag without forgetting the Activo honey, proof of our contribution to eco responsibility.


REPLAY OnDAM Paris 2023 🇫🇷 - Day 1

This edition of #OnDAM Paris 2023 🇫🇷 was therefore marked by major conferences after an introduction by Patrice Cochin CDO Michelin on "Digital Transformation Reloaded" where man is even more an actor in the transformation and must adapt according to the circumstances. technological waves and their integration into the ecosystem.

Michelin inriver

Niels Stenfeldt CEO inriver reminded us of the importance of the product life cycle and its impact in terms of sustainability (Digital Product Passport powers circularity).


We took up this subject of sustainability with the summary of Activo Green in the presence of Wedia, Scaleflex, Frontify and the INFRA agency.

dam durable

1- The first conference therefore led us to discuss a subject that is increasingly present among brands and players in mass distribution: the place of DAM and PIM and in particular at Michelin which offers a coherent, efficient and disruptive environment. The real challenge is often the need to include PIM/DAM in data governance, as Lucile Logel Tech Lead DAM/PIM explained.


2- Then we had the pleasure of welcoming two client cases in the management of heritage DAM,  Perrine Scherrer - Director of Dior Heritage and Antoine Courtin - Head of the heritage and digital data department, Musée d'Orsay. The DAM is at the heart of promoting their digitized collections. We were able to discover the IIIF standard which makes it possible to define an international framework for the interoperability of images distributed on the Web by digital libraries or other projects for the promotion of heritage documents.

Arnaud Bour CEO of ePhoto DAM explained to us the implementation of the solution at the Musée d'Orsay after our webinar in September where we went into detail.


3- Fadel, leader in the management and traceability of media rights, presented us with a conference on Rights Management and monitoring of media use with Joseph Francis Khoury.


4- OnDAM is DAM but also PIM as we have just seen and CMS solutions as a customer experience portal. This year we were able to welcome Wiktor BARTELIK from CoreMedia and Stéphane Monier from Jahia and see how a DXP could feed into DAM in order to optimize media distribution and the customer journey.


5- We were able to get feedback from Longchamp in the implementation and adoption of a DAM project. Véronique Gaudiot - Project Director & DPO and Léa Gaudeaux COO and Activo Project Manager explained to us the different stages of setting up the Bynder DAM to manage collections and their distribution between PLM and PIM.



6- Eve SIMON BROULIS, Standards Director, Accor came to demonstrate the management of more than 30 brands at Accor with the Hyland Nuxeo solution.


7- The DAM is evolving more and more towards advanced management of the brand portal between brand guide line and content personalization as Fanny Pourcenoux, Global Director of Design, Contentsquare was able to demonstrate to us with the Frontify solution, new sponsor on OnDAM Paris .

8- We ended the first day with a “trending” topic: generative AI, a subject that we launched in 2022 on OnDAM. Thanks to the testimony of Alexis Bureau Head of broadcast mediaflow - Engineer department at GROUPE M6 and that of Olivier Grenet CTO Wedia, we were able to take stock of the advances in technologies and their level of integration with the DAM and whether this use case has any meaning with regard to content production.


Generative AI is still in its infancy as this table by JP Morgan shows:


This first day was dense and ended with numerous discussions around a cocktail worthy of French excellence. 🇫🇷🥂


REPLAY OnDAM Paris 2023 🇫🇷 - Day 2

The second day allowed us to present the DAM News team following the acquisition we made this summer in order to strengthen our strategy in the aggregation of skills around DAM with a certain number of initiatives such as the launch of the guide of the DAM in early 2024.


9- Then we continued with a conference on the integration of Scaleflex's DAM Filerobot with the Akeneo PIM and the distribution of content at Look Cycle.


10- The conference with the ICRC customer case and OpenText brought us an emotional moment around the daily challenges of the ICRC and the implementation of the DAM on a large scale.


11- Canto then presented us with a nice use case with TMC where its General Director Grégory Flipo explained to us the implementation of his DAM in a very pragmatic way and the developments that he expects, particularly around AI in order to facilitate the indexing of photos.


12- We had the pleasure of welcoming a new sponsor this year with Santa Cruz Software and its CEO B Mark Hilton presented to us their cloud service offering between Indesign plugins LINKRUI, PRINTUI and the very latest BRANDINGUI for content animation marketing connects to DAM.


13- We also welcomed Caroline Lair Founder of the Good AI and Women Ai to talk to us about AI as a catalyst for thinking for a more sustainable world.


14- Then Ana Roseira - Client Success Manager EMEA - Shutterstock came to us about diversity and brand management through a magnificent film made for the occasion.


15- We then have a very nice conference on the DAM Heritage & communication within the Normandy Region with the testimony of Marie Duplessis - Project Manager – Iconographer - Culture and Heritage Directorate - Normandy Region and Agathe DERENNE - Project Manager DAM / AGELIA photo library.


16- Finally a highly anticipated conference with advances in generative artificial intelligence at the meeting of law and ethics and the testimonies of Sylvie Fodor - CEPIC Executive Director, Ana Roseira, Key Accounts Client Success Manager Shutterstock and Paul Melcher - Melcher System LLC.


17- We then met up with CI HUB and its CEO Andreas Michalski to see how to take advantage of the investment in a DAM by making the best use of the different connectors between the creation of media and their distribution, between the Adobe CC suite and the Office suite. Karen Phillipson - Creative Operations: Elevating Workflows, Integrating Technology and Celine Millinder - Global Digital Asset Manager at Save the Children International came to share their experiences in this mode of creation. Peter Krogh CPO of Mediagraph came to confirm as publisher of DAM the need to stay connected with creators and their applications is fundamental.


18- This year we wanted to give space to a subject that is close to our hearts: DAM Académie. Indeed, it is our young people who will build tomorrow's future and it seemed more than interesting to us to bring together initiatives around the teaching of DAM in schools with 4 feedback:

- Reem El Asaleh - Director of the Lab of Excellence in DAM (LED) | Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University
- Agnès Caron - Director of the EBD
- Claire Scopsi - INTD lecturer - Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM Paris)
- Matthieu Richy-Dureteste – Responsible for training courses relating to Media Management and Rights at the INA


Once again a big thank you to our sponsors and the 300 visitors online or on site who found us for this very beautiful edition of OnDAM Paris 2023 🇫🇷, thank you to the entire Activo team 🙏 😎 without forgetting Michel ZAOUIA for the "To You Live" , Eric Catarina and Johannes Von Allwörden for the photos and video without forgetting Victoria Grenier for the live sketches ✅, and obviously to Sam and his exceptional team for all the scenography.

THANK YOU everyone and see you next year, Olympic year.🤩

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