OnDAM Paris 2022 Replay - The 100% DAM Conference 🇫🇷 - Analysis

The 2nd edition of OnDAM Paris 2022 which took place on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 November 2022 at the Maison d'Alsace was the DAM time of the year bringing together more than 250 visitors on site and online, around 30 conferences and workshops and with the best solution vendors on the market.

OnDAM Paris 2022 is the 1st #DAM 🇫🇷 conference dedicated to innovation and customer experience.

During OnDAM Paris 2022 we went further in setting up a DAM solution at the heart of the enterprise ecosystem between CRM, PIM, CMS and Marketplace. For the first time, PIM vendors like InRiver or image service players like Grand Shooting  came to show their technology connected to DAM.

And like last year, OnDAM Paris 2022 is the only conference that brings together all the DAM vendors on the market in one place and through conferences and common exchanges.


Couldn't attend OnDAM Paris 2022? Discover our teaser video between meetings, inspiration and sharing OnDAM Paris 2022 :

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It is always difficult to sum up an event like OnDAM Paris 2022, however here are the key points that we were able to share together:

- With the growing share of e-commerce, DAM is more and more present at the heart of the ecosystems of retailers players between PIM and Marketplace and this is what we have been able to discover with customer cases such as  Cultura, Michelin, Galeries Lafayette. DAM enables seamless distribution of media and together with PIM powers Marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. Players like  Grand Shooting, Bynder, Wedia, Adobe, Keepeek et InRiver shared with us how their solutions were integrated with their customers.

- One of the challenges of this distribution lies in the syndication of images, which is why most players must use CDNs and image services in order to optimize images (SEO) with DAMs which are also going as headless (back management and without front). We've seen that with actors like Scaleflex.

- Obviously the DAM stays as the single source of truth to organize all media and documents increasingly rich to UGCs, as demonstrated by Wedia, in order to enrich the customer experience.

- The DAM is also at the heart of the management and enhancement of the archive commonly called Heritage, so important in the preservation of the company's history and in the communication of the Brand.

- With  M6 and Michelin, we were able to define what the audiovisual archive of brands and TV channels represent, how to manage them? How to value and market them

With Perfect Memory we have returned to the fundamentals of DAM to efficiently manage video archives and market them via a sales portal.


- We also discussed the customer case concerning visual consumer packaging for product declination, all in a controlled color environment presented by OpenText and JTI..
It was an opportunity to discuss the challenges encountered when integrating complex business processes.

- Hyland Nuxeo presented a comprehensive view of the Digital Supply Chain. We were able to see how to put DAM at the center of the design, promotion and protection of? product.

- The DAM is also increasingly at the heart of the personalization of the Brand's content. Through the  Altavia client case we were able to see how Hyperspread was able to accelerate localized marketing production with the  Chili publish solution. Similarly, Brandeploy  presented a customer case with Nuxe for the personalization of video content.

- We have also updated the Copyright, images and traceability subject with the help of
Joseph Francis Khoury EMEA Sales Director at FADEL , Mathieu Desoubeaux - CEO Imatag , and Hélène Chabran General Manager at from Kinetiq. FADEL also unveiled his new software Brand Vision alongside Picture desk with Jean Michel Laurent new sales support spécialiste by FADEL.

- We cannot talk about DAM without talking about metadata whether standard IPTC  or XMP, customizable or from artificial intelligence. We were able to investigate the relevance of AI in DAM systems: myth or reality? What works and how to innovate in this area in the service of the customer experience. M. Dr. Luc Julia also enlightened us with his valuable experience.

Luc Julia

- As you know rights management is fundamental in photo control. Through the management of photo flows at the agencies, we were able to take stock of the situation and discuss the prospects: The European organization  CEPIC presented the ethical code for responsible reuse and production of "VISUAL CONTENT by artificial intelligence ".

dam veterans

- Like every year, Mark Davy presented the evolution of the DAM Playbook for the selection of a DAM solution based on customer studies, the 10 Cores and the DAMmaturity model, With  Bulent Dogan CEO Cyangate, Peter Krogh CPO Mediagraph, Ralph Windsor from DAM News and Isabelle Roy we were able to challenge all the vendors. Activo also presented an evolution of its DAM 2022 MAP.

DAM Map 2022

- OnDAM was also an opportunity to discuss the carbon footprint in our field and to develop the subject of Sustainable DAM: Optimized media management has become the number 1 priority for all Brands and publishers are seized of the subject and can be force of proposal and analysis. We talked with Nicolas Boutet CEO Wedia, Jean-Francois Lecas Vice President, Global Services & Operations at Scaleflex and Pierre André CAPURRO CEO ORKIS.

DAM durable

- We closed the conference with a subject that is particularly close to our hearts at Activo: diversity in digital and tech. We had the pleasure of welcoming Mme Elisabeth Moreno, Business Leader and former Minister Delegate for Gender Equality. She shared with us her journey as a Woman Leader in Tech and made us aware of the current state of diversity and parity in our companies.

Beyond its 2 days of conferences and workshops, participants had the opportunity to visit publishers, attend presentations and network on 5 floors.

Malika Moreno

Another big THANK YOU to all of you, our sponsors and thank you to the Maison d'Alsace for its welcome and service.

See you next year for the 3rd edition of OnDAM Paris which will take another step forward in the approach and organization, stay tuned 😎