AI at the heart of the customer experience in DAM, what works?

The word Artificial Intelligence (#AI) coined by John McCarthy, has long been a major trend in technology. AI according to Wikipedia is a "is intelligence—perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information—demonstrated by machines, as opposed to intelligence displayed by non-human animals and humans."

During OnDAM Paris 2022 🇫🇷, Luc Julia (CTO Groupe Renault and author of the book Artificial intelligence does not exist" clearly reminds us of the genesis of AI, its capabilities but also its limits.

"Intelligence is having the ability to create something that does not exist. A computer does not create anything on its own."

We share with you the replay of the conference with Luc Julia which was one of the highlights of OnDAM Paris 2022 🇫🇷,

Luc Julia IA

"...Among the many voices today carrying the idea of artificial intelligence scary and dangerous, Elon Musk is one of the loudest. It is certain that the AI will escape our tutelage, control the world and us with it. That she will lead us and make us slaves. Most people involved in AI research are surprised by his words and wonder what drives someone intelligent, 'informed and to be as involved as he is in the world of technology, to make declarations as absurd. Kind of like Steve Jobs, this guy is a marketing genius, he's a vision-
nary but he seems to have no idea how the AI works..."

In February 2019, the OpenAI research institute announced that it had created an artificial intelligence program capable of generating texts so realistic that this technology could be dangerous. If the software is used with malicious intent, it can easily generate very believable fake news. Worried about the use that could be made of it, OpenAI prefers not to make the source code of the program public.

Since the end of last year, OpenAI has been in the news via the ChatGPT phenomenon which has won over almost a million people in less than 5 days to use the generative artificial intelligence tool. (generative AI). In this article OpenAI explains how ChatGPT works and has been trained. Generative AI is a sub-category of AI for creating new content (images, texts).


"We trained this model using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), using the same methods as InstructGPT (human-in-the-loop models), but with slight differences in the configuration of data collection". This technique gives more relevant results which pleasantly surprised the testers of the weekend. Note that to train these models, OpenAI uses HPC instances on Microsoft's Azure cloud.

Microsoft, by investing nearly 10 billion in OpenAI, has also announced via its CEO Satya Nadella "Today, we are announcing the third phase of our long-term partnership with OpenAI". This is already reflected in the integration into Team Premium which will use the chatbot to generate notes and tasks from meetings.


Google announced today that it will soon be rolling out AI-powered features in its search results, providing users with a new, more intuitive way to navigate and understand the web.


Talking about AI in the context of DAM, PIM or CMS systems is also talking about content, enrichment in order to organize the content via metadata other than those implicit, explicit or derived (IPTC, XMP, EXIF). For many years, most DAM systems have offered us fairly basic "auto tagging" which often does not adapt well to the context of customers despite the evolution of Azure, AWS or IBM services. Now it is all about how it could be smart integrate in DAM systems,

Nevertheless, the advances of this AI coupled with customer feedback, a number of publishers are working to couple the result of the AI with the taxonomy or the DAM thesaurus, making it possible to control the vocabulary and improve the relevance of the search. . During OnDAM Paris 2022 🇫🇷,in a conference dedicated to AI and hosted by Paul Melcher, François Blayo CEO of IPSEITE explains to us that with their solution Verifies has developed an AI capable of automatically building a taxonomy, without human intervention.

Yair Adato Founder CEO of Bria also explained to us that this new generation of AI will be able to redesign research in a DAM through POCs that are carried out.

home ai video

But this generative AI will also make it possible to create new content within the DAM from the media already present, as Olivier Grenet CTO Wedia explained to us, through customer cases and beyond UGCs (User Generated Content) or management classic content.

wedia renault

Artist Jason Allen won the Colorado State Fair art competition on Monday with his work titled Space Opera Theater. The latter will have been entirely designed using AI Midjourney, a Gen-AI software. A “detail” that arouses irritation and indignation among many artists. All this obviously raises questions about copyright.

genAI Jason allen

Allen said his critics unfairly judge art by method and the world will one day recognize art created by AI. “If an artist painted a work while hanging upside down and while being whipped, should their work be evaluated differently than another artist who creates the same work under normal conditions? »

As a test, Wedia has just launched WEDIA.AI which you can test this Get-AI for free, it's up to you to give us your feedback 😎


The CEPIC conference, through Sylvie Fodor Executive Director on OnDAM Paris 2022 🇫🇷 also brought elements concerning AI:
AI - Managing Photo Workflows at Agencies - State of Play and Perspective!

CEPIC has also set up a group dedicated to AI topics in order to:

- Respond to concerns to support the development of AI-generated visual content.
- Ensure the safety of creators, investors and all stakeholders in the value chain.
- Establish a code that represents the interests of all stakeholders (original content creator, algorithm developer)
- Provide a sustainable framework for the development of artificial intelligence

“Sustainable AI is responsible AI”

copyright tampon

In a latest investigation CEPIC reveals that:

- 99% of respondents do not produce visual content thanks to artificial intelligence
- 99% of respondents want to use artificial intelligence as a support tool for indexing, documentation and research
- The majority of respondents all raise technical (AI is not yet good enough), legal and ethical issues

As McKinsey's latest report shows:


AI will definitively revolutionize all branches of industry bringing above all advances in categorization but also with real benefits for the end user.


By Activo we always welcome these technological developments for the benefit of the customer experience knowing that this is only the beginning of a long road and that as Steve Jobs said very well in 1997! it is important to learn from the customer experience and not try to build a list of even smart features without understanding the business requirements. Instead of DAMs configured in static mode, the AI must provide an analysis of user behavior in predictive mode.

steve jobs

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