DAM Landscape Map 2022 - Webinar Replay

Thank you all for following so many of us on the DAM Webinar on Tuesday, June 21. Find the replay of the session here.

Beyond market trends and the collection of business requirements, we have introduced a new map of the DAM landscape solutions in the 2022 market.


Beyond the Magic Quadrants of Gartner or Forester Waves, based on our experience of deployment with customers, our technical expertise without forgetting the work of IQ Equity, we have done a lot of investigative work and not only focus on the US/UK solutions. It is always a challenge with regard to the number of solutions. Ourr conclusion is that there is not a solution but solutions, each client has his own story depending on whether we are talking about retailers, brand management, marketing communication agencies, etc. ..

We have grouped these same solutions by categories with, for each, product orientations more suited to certain markets.

DAM Map landscape 2022 category

As we have seen the right DAM increasingly integrate more and more into the business ecosystem between CRM, PIM and CMS. In the end, it is often a data issue to be mastered throughout the value chain in order to enrich and enhance the content for the benefit of customer engagement.

In conclusion there is no loser but only winners!!

We also returned to the important point of project management and team involvement. This approach in Design Thinking mode is at the heart of our DNA in order to make your digital transformation project a success for all.

To share our expertise, we are launching Activo Academy in September around an adapted service offer between training, certification and personalized business content..

Activo Academy

If you want more information on this DAM market, launch an RFP or better understand the challenges of DAM, do not hesitate to contact us.