DAM landscape in the Marketing Technology Stack 2021...

As usual every year thanks to ChiefMartech and the knowledgable Scott Brinker we have an overview of the Marketing Technology from Advertising, Content to data commerce and sales.

After years we have thousands of solutions with an annual growth of 13%...Often when I'm talking to customers they are lost. It is true, it is a challenge to make the right selection with hundreds of acquisitions every year even for the big players.

I liked the last post of Scott Brinker "There are as many European-based Martech products today (3,647) as there were globally in 2016" about 5 years we reached in Europe the level of 2016 worldwide map.


For your information look at the zoom on DAM PIM MRM, just amazing!


(for more information you can visit the MartechTribe Website.


Of course regarding the DAM space what can we trust ? You have the usual Magic Quadrant Gartner and Forester Wave but we know that you are not in this list for free, vendors have to pay. Both of them are doing a great insightfull job but maybe we can imagine an other approach...?

Gartner Forester

Forrester is also unveiling every year its channel software tech stack:


Experience wise I'd rather the super well know MarTech Vendor Map from Real Story Group of the team of Jarrod Gingras. Marketing wise this subway map is a good idea, where solutions are organized by categories ( DAM, WCM, CDP, MRM...). To learn more you can register to there next webinar 14th April here.

You can find the most successful DAM solutions, not be there is a sign...


Every year for the DAM space they are sharing this Map of the best DAM vendors. Maybe these categories are not the best any more today for the understanding of customers.

DAM 2021

Of course it doesn't mean that if you are not IN you are not a DAM system but it is by the way a good representation of the top DAM solutions we can see by customers from brands, retailers or agencies. It is also very driven by the English DAM customer market.

What we have to keep in mind before starting your selection is to follow this DAM strategy :

  • Step 1:  Gap Analysis
  • Step 2:  Resource Audits
  • Step 3:  Requirements Gathering
  • Step 4:  Governance
  • Step 5:  Use Case Scenarios
  • Step 6:  Vendor Selection

IQ Equity with Mark Davey is providing the 10core to stamp online vendors.

10 Core DAM Characteristics accreditation was conceived to evaluate DAM systems on Core functionality. It is an evaluation process which looks at 10 key areas, covering 22 dimensions in total. Any software which passes the 10 Core can be deemed a fit for purpose DAM system solution.

Beyond you can use demo scenarios to test your business requirements.

We are happy to contribute with the team of IQ Equity. As a reminder last year we covered during a DAM webinars series all the aspects of DAM:


On our side Activo is also working on his own map with some player more tied to the French market but this is also the reality of our market. At the top you will find all the players by 95% of customers. As usual we like to add the DAM from the open source market at the bottom.

DAM Market Activo-1

As a consultancy we have worked with a broad spectrum of clients, from Museums to Multinational Retail, Brands, Agencies and FMCG, delivering expert advice and strategy, and guiding our clients to make well-informed software decisions and successfully carry out enterprise-wide transformations (RFI – RFP – Change – Design services – Deployment – Training).

Design Thinking

To be successful you need a strategy, a team to help you in the organisation of your assets, your metadata strategy and at the top the onboarding process. We are proving all this services in one with a top DAM expertise.We know how to stamp the vendors based on your business requirements.

Your success is our success.