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DAM Solution Consulting & Impementation service

We provide premier DAM consultancy and implementation services to optimize your digital assets, processes, and team efficiency, ensuring your asset management strategy is robust and effective.

Learn how to leverage a DAM for yourself

Benefits for ACTIVO Customers

Activo provides the full spectrum digital asset management services ranging from needs analysis, solution design, development, implementation, customization, integrating with other systems, on-boarding new users, and maintaining systems.

Activo projects and clients range across different industries and company sizes - from medium to Fortune 500.
Activo brings the following advantages to its customers:

Senior DAM experts with over twenty years of DAM experience and expertise ensure your projects success.

Solid DAM Implementation Methodology to guide the process.

Best practices in digital asset management across different industries.

In-house development to ensure the quality of work.

Return On Investment (ROI) by designing and implementing effective DAM solutions.

High user adoption through Activo's in-depth training and workshops.

Activo partners with our customers to ensure their DAM remains in excellent space after services are rendered.

We deliver cost, time & quality benefits.

Our Guaranteed Results

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Accelerated Revenue

Better quality product data & customer experiences will help you generate more predictable revenue.

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Save on your Costs

Reducing the manual overhead of managing product information reduces your operating costs.

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Better Customer Experience

Your customers are demanding accurate and complete product information.

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Scale & Grow Efficiently

If your business is growing across geographies, markets or categories, we help do it efficiently.

Learn how to leverage
a DAM for yourself

Key benefits of DAM

The best DAMs can interface with your existing marketing automation solutions to provide a single view into all of your marketing data, analytics, and resources.By making internal processes more efficient and enhancing team collaboration, a DAM frees staff to spend more time on the core creative work that brings in revenue.

Internal Processes

By making internal processes more efficient and enhancing team collaboration, a DAM frees staff to spend more time on the core creative work that brings in revenue.

Access digital assets

By making it easy for team members to access the digital assets they need, a DAM speeds review, approval, and delivery of final files to get content to market faster, giving you an edge over your competition.

Permission Management

By offering permissions-based access to digital content as well as digital rights-management controls, a DAM helps avoid common problems such as publication of outdated, off-brand, or unlicensed creative assets. This helps improve the quality of your brand communication to protect brand investments and even mitigate business risk.

Automated creation of assets

By giving authorized users quick, easy access to the files anytime, anywhere, a DAM eliminates time-intensive, costly file searches and recreation of missing assets.

Eliminate costly errors

A DAM eliminates the need for staff to post and deliver files to multiple locations. In addition, it eliminates the costly errors and inefficiencies caused by different versions of the same file in multiple places.

Integration in your eco-system

A DAM can be integrated with your marketing resource management (MRM), product information management (PIM), content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), or other marketing automation solutions. It acts as a single source of truth that helps you better manage projects, allocate resources, personalize and target content, and understand which assets are performing best across different channels.

Repurpose content

A DAM makes it significantly faster and easier to repurpose content across devices and platforms, opening up possibilities for new revenue streams. For example, some agencies make asset distribution a profit center by charging for every upload or download.

Private brand portal

Agencies can use a DAM to create secure, private web-portal sites customized for individual clients, partners, or teams.

Tracking and KPI

A DAM can help the sales team centralize proposals so that the entire team can easily review and collaborate. Efficient digital asset management also can be a value-added service that can help win business.

The best DAMs also track the traffic for timely reporting and, if applicable, client billing.

Learn how to leverage
a DAM for yourself