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97% of companies report that video has helped users better understand the products they sell.
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In today’s digital landscape, video services have become essential for enhancing customer experiences on websites, particularly for Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems.

Videos offer dynamic and engaging content that can significantly boost user interaction and satisfaction. However, despite their benefits, many DAM websites still underutilize this powerful medium.

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62% of DAM providers do not feature any video content on their homepage.
94% lack customer testimonial videos on their homepage, with 55% not including them anywhere on their site.
90% request visitors to “book a demo” without providing an on-demand demo video.

Get Top-Tier DAM Videos with Activo x TechMarketer

Partner with the first agency dedicated entirely to creating top-quality videos for Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. Our collaboration with Activo® ensures that our videos not only meet the highest standards but also address the current needs of DAM users.

By choosing our video services, you’re investing in impactful, engaging content that enhances user experience and drives engagement. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your digital presence. Contact us today to learn how our DAM good videos can transform your business.

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